Friday, July 13, 2012

இதயமில்லா ரயில்வே ஊழியர்..

 The General Manager                                                                      12.07.2012
Southern Railway
Chennai 600 003.


Sub: Heartless Railway Employee – Punishable Action Requested.

Marina an employee at the Saidapet Railway Station behaves recklessly with a Differently Abled ticket buyer. The visually impaired    Mr.  Dharmaraj   was asked to go back and come in the queue every time he reached the window to buy his ticket. This was done in spite of   Mr.  Dharmaraj strictly following the queue pattern. When, another visually impaired person and our association vice president Mr.  Elumalai questioned it she answered callously saying that she will not issue any ticket come what may. All along she was issuing season rickets.

Another employee Prabhu joined hands with Marina to say that the ticket will not be issued to Mr.  Dharmaraj until he goes back to the tail end of the queue. This went on 11/07/2012 from 3pm to 4 52 pm and finally Mr.  Dharmaraj got his ticket.

All this took place in broad daylight with many men and women standing there. No body bothered to intervene, which shows the utter indifference pervading among humanity. A visually impaired person takes the complaint to the Station Master. Another Railway employee seated in the office admits to know of the rude behavior of Marina, but the Station Master does not express anything and seems to have taken no action against the rude Marina

The Differently Abled cannot be taken for granted and their self respect cannot be insulted in such a mean way. We request you to take immediate action has to be taken against Marina and Prabu.

If strict punishable action is not taken against them, a protest by disabled citizens will be organized in front of Southern Railway head office.

Thank you Sir.

Yours truly,

S. Namburajan-94442 95994
State Secretary.
Copy to: The DRM, Chennai Divisaion.

State Secretary, Tamilnadu Assn for the Rights of
All Types of Differently Abled & Caregivers - TARATDAC
New No.69, VGP Road, West Saidapet, Chennai 600 015.
# 044-23713161   Fax: 044-23715491    94442-95994

(இந்த செய்தி எனக்கு மெயிலில் வந்தது.விமல்வித்யா என்பவர் அனுப்பியிருந்தார்.அதை உங்களிடம் பகிர்ந்து கொள்கிறேன்.)

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நம்பள்கி said...

எதற்காக அந்த ரயில்வே ஊழியர் அப்படி செய்ய வேண்டும்? என்ன கோபம அந்த மனிதர் மீது?